Saturday, September 10, 2005

FEMA detention camps

This is the start of the shutdown! Now the overlord has managed to lock up one whole city (what a coup!) full of earthlings in detention camps, and in a plausibly deniable way, it is only a matter of time before the whole USA is in lockdown. Luckily there aren't many earthlings left alive who still personally remember the trial run in Auschwitz back during the previous world war, so no one will figure out what is going on until far too late. My tentacles have gone all shivery just thinking about it!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Secret History

The Overlord reporting. Today, a book landed on my desk at Overlord HQ, called "The Secret History of the World, and How to Get Out Alive" by Laura Knight-Jadczyk.

First I was sure that it would fit nicely in with all the other COINTELPRO red herring conspiracy theories, but after a bit of reading (the Overlord is very good at speed reading) I discovered that for some reason, this book tried very hard to objectively look at all the evidence. Somehow or other, it seemed to get through all the social programming and emotionally-locked belief systems that has been carefully set up just to stop this kind of thing. It blabbed on for several hundred pages, about all kinds of clever overlord schemes that have up to now been running quite happily with no interference for centuries.

This is scandalous! We can't have an earthling blowing the whole thing wide open for everyone to know. There was a lot of devilishly clever reasoning going on in this book, so the author must have had the inside track - no ignorant earthling could possibly have worked all this out for themselves, surely?

I think it's time to ramp up the current plans, before too many of the herd catch on to what is happening. If we can also bring back the excellent practice of book burning then so much the better.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well at last! China are finally making progress towards banning tobacco products. Luckily, the earthlings are too dumb to sit up and wonder why all goverments across the globe, in stark contrast to all their other warmongering/toxic policies, (and in an unprecedented display of solidarity), are taking a stance against tobacco 'for the good of the people'.

Everybody say aaaaaah. how warm and cuddly! Your government loves you...

Yeah right! You just know something's up here, don't you, folks? Of course! Yours truly is lurking in the background behind this one as well :-)

So what is the Overlord's big problem with cigarettes? Why not just let the stupid-ass earthlings pointlessly smoke their way to an early lung-cancerous grave?

Well, it has been kept very well hidden within so-called scientific circles, and always disguised in diplomatic language, but nicotine could actually be very beneficial to the earthlings, as an augmentation to mental function, due to its effect on the acetylcholine synaptic receptors in the brain. In the various scientific papers that warily try not to explain this touchy subject, there are some excellently evasive neutral-sounding phrases trying to hide the real meaning under the carpet, for example "excessive stimulation of the limbic system in the brain", or "the continued use of nicotine causes an increase in the number of receptors", all of which means the earthlings 'grow more brains'!

We can't have these earthlings suddenly developing brains and getting too big for their boots, so I have had to run a (very successful, I might add) smear campaign on the whole thing. This was done via a huge-scale industrialisation of cigarette manufacture, so that all sorts of other nasty chemicals could be added to the mix, to cause lots of lovely complications. For example, the commercial cigarettes themselves contain an extremely precisely engineered chemical cocktail to be as damaging as possible, and even more addictive than crack cocaine, with stimulants added to the 'first puff'. All efforts added together, have so stigmatised cigarettes, that most earthlings, simpletons that they are, now even think that naturally grown tobacco is bad for them!

If things keep going this way, we shall have tobacco safely outlawed across the globe in no time, and I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Fear Factor

The Overlord can almost smell the earthlings' fear in the air these days. All credit has to go to my extremely well planned and executed (pun intended) London terror campaign, heh! It's as easy as using a sheepdog to chase sheep.

First I had a random member of the public shot, on suspicion of terrorism (oh, the delicious irony), and then I drip fed the public with all the gory details to make them feel very nervous (though not yet terrified, aha! we're building up to it gradually). I think they are getting the subliminal message that if they step out of line they are toast.

This is unfolding like a nice psychological thriller. First, we leak the earth-shattering revelation that the security cameras were all out of action, because the police had removed all the discs the day before. Like, what kind of a corny Hollywood-scriptline coincidence is that!

Next, to gradually increasing puzzlement and disquiet, we let everyone know that he was shot repeatedly for 30 seconds, like one of those psychotic execution scenes out of a De Nero gangster movie.

For some reason, there are still some earthlings not yet sitting up and taking notice - though things must be having a subconscous effect (surely? are these beings completely dumb?). What shall we tell them next? hmmm... I think we need to draw out the psychological torture some more.

I worry about myself sometimes. Maybe I take my work too seriously? I'm a nice Overlord really.

Friday, August 26, 2005


What a great word that is: 'Conspiracy'

Since earth-man first learnt to rub two sticks together (after a helpful hint from some passing extra-terrestrial) it has been standard practice for these creatures to collaborate against one another. At every level they would form groups and hierarchies who would naturally make plans together, and withhold information from others, in vain and pathetic pursuit of survival or one-upmanship, or political power. It seems that hardly any of these earthlings have been capable of achieving a single thing on their own without some kind of group effort, or conspiracy. The worlds of business & finance, politics, education, science all work in this way.

And yet... and yet... utter the word 'conspiracy' in their midst, and see what happens. I have managed to so publicly stigmatise the word that it almost makes them physically fall over in outraged hysterics at the suggestion! This is absolutely fantastic - it means that my Overlord network cannot POSSIBLY be found out, because even if it is blatantly obvious, no one would believe it. Somehow it is an unacceptable scenario, even though it makes perfect logical sense. It merely extends and mimics the hierarchical way these earthlings operate anyway.

How can I possibly fail? I'm just so fantastically brilliant, without being at all conceited. Perhaps I should arrange to have a giant marble statue built in my image...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bizarre Love Triangle

The Overlord has been looking back through the files, on social engineering today. Well, I must say, What a fantastic situation I have managed to build up using nothing but my own cunning, the earthlings' extreme gullibility, and the great social engineering tool called 'monotheism'. For some reason, no-one has noticed that there is anything wrong with saying:
"I'm right. everyone else is wrong. you better believe me because I am telling the truth, and if you don't believe then you'll be eternally damned in hell. And don't question me."
Not a loaded choice at all then!

So what have we got so far? Well the three main behemoths of religious tunnel-vision are doing very well indeed, and all this in the name of love:
  • The Christians hate the Muslims, because of the fictional diva 'Osama bin Laden', and the staged Mossad false flag attacks, such as 9-11, and the London and Madrid bombings.

  • The Muslims hate the Jews, for shooting their children and bulldozing their fertile land into a desert, funded by the Christian fundamentalist military-industrial complex in the USA.

  • The Jews hate the Christians, because of the holocaust, and because non-Jews are the 'profane'.

  • The Christians hate the Jews, for taking all the money, staging a coup d'etat in the USA, and for not taking the New Testament seriously.

  • The Muslims hate the Christians for turning deeply historic Iraq into a radioactive wasteland.

  • The Jews hate the Muslims, for being born on land promised exclusively to them, by their God.

So, 'divide and rule' they say? I think I'll take the afternoon off - it seems things are going according to plan without any intervention.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Crop Circles

The overlord is scratching his several heads in puzzlement. Supposedly I am in charge of lording it over this planet, and yet strange things are happening which have NOT been authorised by me. I am talking about crop circles - I thought they had just been a childish earthling fad about 20 years ago, but no, apparently there are more appearing every year, with more and more intricate designs which are obviously far beyond the capabilities of any pathetic earthling. Perhaps this is part of a rival overlord's plan to send coded messages in order to userp my position? Apparently the over-overlord council know nothing about it, and has also had no luck deciphering the pictorial messages. That is just making me even more paranoid, which is not at all suitable state of affairs for an overlord of my importance. Is some extra-solar neighbour trying to wind me up?

Luckily all the popular mass media channels are keeping in line and providing a total media blackout, but still there are those few annoyingly curious earthlings who won't leave it alone, so I had to get my thinking hats on and come up with a plan. It was really quite simple, a nice little diversion for the earthlings, to make them think that 'they did it' - a kind of 'backwards conspiracy theory' if you will. Ludicrous of course, (what nutter would continually perpetrate a hoax requiring this magnitude of effort, but which has received no mass-media attention for many years?) but these earthlings are so vain they'll believe anything that overstates their abilities. Ah, how easy they are to manipulate :-) Not like those pesky Grays from the Sirius system, but that's another story.